Just because you own a used Ford truck doesn’t mean that you cannot use the vehicle to tow a boat, camper, or trailer. A used Ford from McLeod Auto Sales can make your life much easier if you need to tow equipment for work or if you have a boat that needs to be towed to and from the boat ramp every weekend. Follow the tips outlined in today’s post so you get the most out of your used Ford┬átruck when towing.

Never Tow More Than the Capacity

Depending on the used Ford that you own, you might be able to tow between 3,000 and 12,000 pounds. This is most often the towing capacity for a Ford F-150, so make sure you check the owner’s manual prior to hooking anything up to your truck. You don’t want to try to tow something that weighs more than what the vehicle handles.

Secure the Load

Whatever it is you are towing, you need to secure the load properly. Don’t make the mistake of having an unsecured item from a flatbed trailer fly off and hit another vehicle. Check the chains that secure the hitch to the trailer and the wires that connect the lights of the trailer to the vehicle. If these items are not secured then you will have a serious issue on your hands.

Check Tire Pressure

Always check the tire pressure of your used Ford and the trailer prior to heading out on the road in Killeen, TX. The pressure in your tires needs to be at the recommended level in the owner’s manual or else you might have trouble towing the load that has been hooked up to your vehicle. The same can be said for the tires of the trailer.

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