Here at McLeod Auto Sales, we know you use your Ford truck for the big jobs, tall orders, and long rides. That’s why we’re the used car dealership serving Harker Heights that you can rely on for both the service and car care you need to keep your Ford truck running right. We have all the information that will tell you when it’s time to bring your truck to us.

One of the most important components of a car is the brakes, and it’s important to know when to bring your Ford truck in for brake inspections or repairs. To start, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your brake light in your vehicle. If working properly, it will be one of the first indications that your brakes need to be addressed, but not the only one.

You’ll also find that you feel complications from improperly working brakes when you’re starting, stopping, or out on the open road. Pay attention to any noises you might hear, such as grinding, squeaking, and squealing. These are signs of brake complications and if you feel any wobbling, vibrations, or scraping, you’ll want to bring your Ford truck to our car service center for a check-up. Consider looking for any signs of leakage and watch if your car starts to veer to one side while you are braking.

If you notice a burning smell while you are driving, you’ll want to pull your truck over right away and allow the brakes to cool down, before you make your next stop here at McLeod Auto Sales. And, of course, if you notice the pedal has a softer feel, that means it’s time for a tune-up.

You deserve a vehicle you can trust—McLeod Auto Sales is here to help.