If you’re looking for used cars for sale, we encourage you to visit our Killeen, TX car dealership. We have a full inventory of pre-owned automobiles produced by some of the world’s most trusted carmakers. Whether you want a Ford truck, a Jeep® SUV, or another body style produced by a different automaker, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our generous inventory.

When motorists visit our convenient location, they’re often curious about gap insurance. Gap insurance is car insurance that’s different from your standard policy. Whereas your standard coverage will give you an amount that’s equal to the current value of your vehicle if your ride is totaled or stolen and unrecovered, gap insurance will pay you the difference between that amount and the balance of your auto loan.

Because it doesn’t cover nearly as many things as your standard coverage, gap insurance typically costs considerably less than “regular” auto insurance. It should be noted that a gap insurance policy will only cover the “gap” between the payment you receive from your standard insurance carrier and your loan balance up to a certain dollar amount, which is another reason why the coverage is so moderately priced.

While some drivers will advise you to get gap insurance if you buy or lease a new automobile, it’s often a smart buy for motorists who purchase a pre-owned car. Just like it’s possible to get upside down with a loan when you purchase a new car, the same thing can happen if you buy a previously owned model. If you’re worried about that happening, you may want to contact your insurance provider to see if you can purchase gap insurance.

While we don’t sell gap insurance, we do have plenty of used cars for sale at our car dealership. Shop with McLeod Auto Sales today!