Even if your automobile is in pristine condition, there are several fluids it simply can’t live without. What are these divine liquids? Glad you asked. Let’s take a look.

Motor oil: there are several terrific motor oils on the market. All you need to do is pick one for your vehicle, give it to your car, and enjoy seamless engine performance for 3,000 – 5,000 miles. Oil lubricates your car engine’s many moving parts, ensuring that they don’t produce too much friction. Heat is bad for an engine, which brings us to…

Coolant: “heat transfer fluid” is a fancy name for radiator coolant, which when mixed with water creates a useful liquid that cycles around a running engine and collects heat. After each cycle, the coolant makes a short trip within your used Dodge SUV or used Chevy near Fort Hood, TX to the radiator, where the heat is released into the air. Be careful not to let your car run out of coolant in the summer, because the engine will overheat and give you a massive headache.

Power steering fluid: can you believe there was a time when power steering wasn’t standard? It’s amazing that people in the 1930s didn’t all have forearms like Popeye. Nowadays power steering is one of many things we take for granted, and it’s facilitated by a fluid that maintains a smooth connection between your car’s steering apparatus and the tires.

Brake fluid: in terms of day-to-day, second-to-second safety, no liquid is more important than brake fluid. It’s something that our used car dealers serving Fort Hood, TX will check whenever you bring your auto in for service, because without brake fluid your ability to stop will be severely compromised.

Top off these fluids today at our local used car dealership!